Social Love of the Week: May 4, 2012

The best part about writing these Social Love of the Week posts (in addition to basking in the praise of our products) is that it means Friday is here. The worst part is inserting all the links. It’s annoying! But worth it, since I get to share all the love with you.

This is a huge month for us because we just launched our Anti-Aging BB Cream and are devoting the entire month of May to our favorite new product. Stay tuned to our Facebook updates for updates, giveaways, information and offers all month long and learn about the product (and enter to win your own) on our Spotlight Thursday: Anti-Aging BB Cream post.

And now, here’s the love!


Billie B. said:

I bought the Facial Rejuvenation System. No complaints so far!! I actually was so impressed with Revitalizing Microdemabrasion I asked my mom (for fun) if I could give her a facial using the facial cleansing tool and she said yes and she loved the results!!!


My hairdresser complimented my face on yesterday and she was unaware that I had used any of you guys’ products! I LOVE HYDROXATONE! I LOVE HYDROXATONE!


I have had my Hydroxatone AM/PM Anti-Wrinkle Complex for a week now and can already tell you this was the best money I have ever spent on anti-aging products and I started out with the cheaper drug store brands you know like — well I am not going to name names — but these just did not work. Then, I went and started buying my products from the mall in high end department stores, believe me ladies you are totally wasting your money on some of those, they might as well put as they say you know put snake oil in their products. But, I can honestly say after trying Hydroxatone for only a week I do really see a reduction in my wrinkles!

Ree H. said:

I received a sample of the InstantEffect in the mail – it really does “erase” wrinkles – however seems to smudge off after I put moisturizer on – should I be applying the moisturizer first THEN the wrinkle eraser?

Our response – So glad to hear the InstantEffect sample helped reduce the appearance of your wrinkles! You’ll want to use your moisturizer first. Let it absorb, and then tap the InstantEffect into any wrinkles with your pinky. Hope this helps!

Angela B. said:

I am in love with your 90 second wrinkle product


@harlow_quinn: @Hydroxatone I love it!! My skin is still soft at the end of the day & when I wake in the morning, it still feels like velvet! #powerproduct

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 Hope you a wonderful weekend! I always do!

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