Social Love of the Week: May 18, 2012

BB Cream Week just wrapped up but BB Cream MONTH is still going strong! I’m wearing our Anti-Aging BB Cream as I type this. I REALLY love this product and hope you all will, too.

Anyway, here’s the good stuff:


Phyllis B. said:

I’d love to recommend a wonderful product Hydroxatone [InstantEffect 90 Second Wrinkle Reducer]. This stuff is amazing it will tighten and lift in an instant. Good for a date night. Wink

Wendy B. said:

WOW! I just used my new Hydroxatone facial goodies and I must say…my face feels AMAZING!

Roi F. said:

This is an amazing product for women and men. I have been using it for over a year now. Go ahead and give it a try! I use the Anti-Aging BB Cream and the Hydrolyze Advanced Under Eye Formula. Believe me I look younger than I really am! GREAT PRODUCT.

Rebecca F. said:

I loved the sample you sent me..

Sylvia L. C. said:


(AM/PM Anti-Wrinkle Complex and InstantEffect 90 Second Wrinkle Reducer)


@Amy_Davidson: #FF @Hydroxatone @MiracleSkin and check out these products that I LOVE!

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