Links We Love: July 2, 2012

First of all, how is it July 2 already? Where did this year go? I’m actually thrilled because July is my favorite month. I love summer and I love warm weather. Even though I’m not in school anymore (and haven’t been for years), I still consider July to be one long Saturday.

August is one long Sunday, which means one long anxiety-filled month. I realize I’m nutty. I just dread cold weather. But Saturdays are the best and so is July as far as I’m concerned.

With that, here are the links we love:

Five-Year-Old Gives Her Sister Terrible Haircut Because It Was ‘Really Itching Her Hips’ – Huffington Post

Why we loved it: This is ADORABLE! A five-year-old cut her three-year-old sister’s very long hair. Listen to the interview their father conducted, and then read the article. There are tons of adorably hilarious lines such as “Hair cutting takes lots of concentration . . . everyone does that kind of stuff sometimes. It happens like once, or twice, or three times in every life… or twice… or once.”

Eight surprising reasons to work out – Fit-a-licious

Why we loved it: Most of us work out to look good and get healthy. But did you know there are a slew of other great benefits that can come from getting your sweat on? Read the article to learn what they are! Hint: Better skin is #1!

Ways to Sell Your Boss on a Flexible Schedule – The Grindstone

Why we loved it: I’m all about the flexible schedule. My brother works at Microsoft and they can come and go as  they please, as long as all their work gets done. I think that is brilliant! I work 9-6 here, but if it was up to me I’d be in earlier and out earlier. I am very much a morning person and I am much more focused on my work before lunch. Starting at about 3 pm, I begin to zone out!

Night and day, you are (both) the one: Choosing your face cream – Skin We’re In

Why we loved it: With our launch of Intensive Overnight Repair going on right now, this article explains the difference between night and day creams very well! By the way, to celebrate, every night at midnight this month we’ll share special offers and giveaways focusing on our night cream (but other products will be included too)!

Do you have a flexible schedule? Do you work better in the morning or afternoon? Or night time?


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