Links We Love: June 25, 2012

Do you like watching videos on the internet? Product reviews and how-tos?

I don’t.

I know I probably shouldn’t tell you all that, but I’m not a very visual person. I don’t love Pinterest, though I wish I did. I only like photos when I appear in them. And I have zero patience when it comes to watching anything on YouTube.

But I’m in the minority. Everyone else loves videos! And since I work in social media and I come across videos about our brand. And one video, reviewing a few of our products, captured my attention for the entire 10 MINUTES. I like hearing what people say about our products, I like it even more when they love them.

And if you wanted to make such a video, I would watch it. Maybe I would share it. Maybe it will turn me into a person who has an attention span longer than that of a three-year-old.

Hydroxatone Review –  Annette6113

Why we loved it: Annette uses our AM/PM Anti-Wrinkle ComplexHydrolyze Advanced Under Eye Formula, Deep Wrinkle Concentrate. She likes them all, but she LOVES our Revitalizing Microdermabrasion. Hear what she has to say about our products, and stick around to the end because that’s when she gets into the nitty gritty on our #1 exfoliating product!

Some of our favorite lines:

“That [microdermabrasion] is the best one I’ve ever come across. And like I said, I’ve used a lot of them.”

“That’s what I love, when you buy a product and the very first time you get instant results. I’m impatient like that and I need to see instant results.”

“I can’t talk highly enough about this stuff. it’s worth the money – especially the microdermabrasion.”

Hint: If you’re thinking of trying our products this week, get them at because there’s a really great free Spa Essentials gift with purchase when you spend $60 or more!

Hydroxatone Beauty Essentials Review and Giveaway – A Diva’s Prerogative

Why we loved it: Another person loving our Revitalizing Microdermabrasion! Patricia also loves our Microsonic Facial Brush and DailyEssentials Multi Pack Vitamins. Read her review and enter for a chance to win her Hydroxatone giveaway!

Have food, will travel – Fit-a-licious

Why we loved it: It can be hard staying healthy with so many summer travel plans. This article has fantastic tips on what to bring away with you this summer (and always)!

Do you have a hard time staying healthy when you travel? And what are you reading? 


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