Links We Love: Week of March 5, 2012

The Links We Love this week is really more about myself than ever, and I’m OK with that. From my disorganization to my itchy legs, learn more about me than you ever wanted to know and also enjoy some good reading (and watching)!

Organizing your makeup brushes  – Color Me Rouge

Why we loved it:  Organization is not my strong suit. I wish I were exaggerating but take one look at my makeup table and you’ll know it is true. I’d challenge you to even find the makeup! What drives me the craziest about this is my makeup brush situation: I know brushes get bacteria in them and I know they should be stored properly, but I need a really good system in place that gets them out of my makeup bag and into their own homes. I plan to take a hint from this article!

 Style Pet Peeve: Bare Legs In Winter – Styleist

Why we loved it: I have the most sensitive skin you can imagine. No one I know understands me! One of the consequences is that I can’t wear any type of tights or stockings, along with most leggings. I always try, and I always end up clawing at myself after an hour, desperate to get these itchy things off my body! The only time it’s a real issue is when I am invited to a winter wedding or Bar Mitzvah. It was also an issue at my last job where women were not permitted to wear pants, but that is a story for another day. Anyway, this article discusses the “cab to curb” phenomenon, which is one I’ve adopted since making the decision to not even bother. It’s only come up a few times, my birthday last year being one, and I don’t mind it at all. Cold legs are a whole lot more comfortable than itchy legs to me! Anyone else have this problem? What do you think of “cab-to-curb”?

SNL Offers Up ‘The Real Housewives of Disney’ – The Gloss

Why we loved it: Hilarious poke at that silly ‘Real Housewives’ empire. Also, believable.

A Day in My Diet: Vegetarian Chef Sarah Britton – Shape

Why we loved it: You’ll get some great meal and snack ideas from someone who eats a clean, healthy, delicious and vegetarian! A fantastic resource. And as a vegetarian who is always asked “what can you even eat?!” — here are your answers!

Hydroxatone: Hydrolyze Review – Beautasia

Why we loved it: We are thrilled Beautasia saw such great results from our Hydrolyze Advanced Under Eye Formula! Want to win one free bottle for yourself? Check out Hydrolyze giveaway!

What are you reading? We want more!

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