Links We Love: Week of November 12, 2012

Remember this blog feature? We used to share our favorite weekly reads but at some point we got too busy with other tasks and let this one fall aside. Silly us, but now we are back!

Here’s what we are reading this week:

Behind The Scenes at the Bang Bar – Total Beauty

Why we love it: For as long as I can remember, I’ve been obsessed with bangs. I remember begging my mom for them in second grade. Looking back on my photos, it was a dumb move. I became a lot less cute, AND I kept those babies until high school. I was content in my non-bangedness (not a word) until bangs became really popular again back in 2008. I obsessed over them once again until I finally caved and got them. They were a fun change as an adult and I kept them for a little while, but when I did decide to grow them out I wasn’t sorry to see them go. And now, in 2012, I still get the itch every now and again… maybe I’ll go for it AFTER my June 2013 wedding.

Applying makeup in public – yea or nay? – Color Me Rouge

Why we love it: For the strong opinions women have on each side of the argument! I never really found public makeup application disgusting, but it looks like a lot of people do. Which camp do you fall in? Is putting on makeup in public fine if you’re running late or is it just disgusting?

New York City Marathon Runners Race To Help Hurricane Sandy Victims In Staten Island – Huffington Post

Why we love it: As a runner and as someone who was affected by Hurricane Sandy (but not devastated by it as many others were), this article is a beautiful testament to what a large group of people can do when faced with disappointment. The teamwork of the runners, their willingness to come together and work hard to help those in need on a day they imaged going drastically differently – THIS  exemplifies the power and the goodness of the running community.

Top 5 reasons why BB Cream is my new thing – Color Me Rouge

Why we love it: We’re in it! You know how much I love our Anti-Aging BB Cream. And when I love something, I want everyone else to love it too. And here’s someone who does! Find out why BB Cream is your newest must-have beauty item.


What are you reading? Please share!

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