Social Love of the Week: November 9, 2012 and 20% Off

We’ve been through a lot over these last few weeks here in New Jersey. Hurricane Sandy closed our offices for a week and then a Nor’easter shut us down for a short time this week. We are so grateful: for our safety, for minimal damage to our homes and offices and most importantly, for our customers and fans.

Your support throughout this terrible time means the world to us. Your concern for our well being, your understanding about our customer service department being unavailable, your overall compassion – we are so grateful and lucky to have customers like you.

As our thank you to you, please take 20% off your order at this weekend. Enter code THANKYOU at checkout. This offer ends Sunday night at midnight.

We’re also thankful for the nice comments you leave us on our social media pages. Here’s the social love from people who tried our products – whether they bought them, received them as a gift or got them for review.


Kim W. said:

Just started using my Hydroxatone Revitalizing Microdermabrasion! I’m in love! This product is amazing! I was waiting to use up my other brand exfoliator before I used this, but I am def. switching now! This made my skin so soft and after I rinsed it off of my face, it almost felt like I had just applied a moisturizer! LOVE it! The exfoliation is wonderful and my skin feels luminous and soft after using it! I also have noticed that I used less of my night cream tonight! Highly recommend trying this product! 🙂

Hydroxatone Revitalizing Microdermabrasion


I have [tried Hydroxatone Anti-Aging BB Cream]! I LOVE it! All I have ever tried was these ‘drugstore’ brands. I know this is a little pricier, but WELL worth it! I have it in “LIGHT”, and I love the anti-aging effect of this BB Cream!


Best anti aging line I have found!

Manly M. said:

Any woman of ahem cough “age” that has not tried Hydroxatone products is nuts. Invented by a Dr friend I know, these products WORK ! Like them on FB or Twitter for really great sales & deals ! I’ve been in skincare now for several year s& if you want REAL results use these products! Guaranteed too ! Its never to early to teach your kids good skin care also! SUNSCREEN SUNSCREEN SUNSCREEN!

I have been in the skin care industry for over …well lets just say many years (30) Ha ha BEST PRODUCT I have ever used ! And I personally research & try every product before I recommend to my clients ! I am not a commercial I am speaking the truth ladies ! I love research study research & where its headed & HYDROXATONE is on top of the scale ! It’s all in the ingredients ladies ! Know your ABC’s !

Julia L. said:

I have [tried Hydroxatone Anti-Aging BB Cream] and it’s excellent!!!

Joanne D. said:

Fabulous product

Deborah E. said:

Best eye cream ever!

Karyn S. said:

Try this stuff girls, see the improvements in your skin!!!

Rachelle R. said:

I am thrilled that my skin can take this product, if you are an ex smoker, you need this product… why not try it

Patricia J. said:

I think your products are the best on the market.

Debbie C. S. said:

I love this product…


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Dori Gray is the voice behind the Hydroxatone Facebook and Twitter accounts.  As Hydroxatone’s social media manager, Dori hopes to share with anyone who will listen (and sometimes those who won’t) just how wonderful these skincare products are. Her favorite weekend activity is relaxing on the couch with the cooling, refreshing Hydroxatone Instant Lift Pads on her face. In her other life, Dori is a health & fitness blogger and a Twitter fanatic. Her writing has appeared on NBC New York and Blisstree. She is about to run her first (and only) New York City Marathon. Originally from Queens, Dori has lived in Manhattan for the last six years. She was pleasantly surprised that the commute to the Hydroxatone headquarters in Jersey City is really not bad at all. Really. See More Articles by Dori
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