Links We Love: Week of March 12, 2012

I know Dori usually writes the Links We Love posts but we decided to switch it up for this week!  As you’ll notice, we usually check out totally different topics (stop reading if you’re looking for some fitness or diet posts!).

Weekly Must-Have: Miracle Skin Transformer Treat & Conceal – Beauty Banter

Why we loved it:  I clicked on this article from my Twitter feed, because of the tweet they posted.  How could you not it was so catchy and I was curious.  I honestly did not even realize the article was about one of the products from our partner brand, Miracle Skin Transformer.

The 25 Happiest Animals in the World – BuzzFeed

Why we loved it:  This one is totally NOT beauty related at all, but it made me smile.  So, I figured I would share this cuteness with everyone!

Review + Giveaway/Hydroxatone  – Endless Summer

Why we loved it:  We always LOVE when bloggers love our products when we send to them for review and this one definitely did!   Want to snag some Hydroxatone for yourself?  She’s also hosting a giveaway (which is the first that is open internationally!) and one winner will receive our Hydroxatone® AM/PM  Anti-Wrinkle Complex (1 oz. jar).

Report: iPad 3 Pre-Orders Sold Out, Shipments Could Be Delayed up to 3 Weeks – Daily Tech

Why we loved it:  I kept debating whether I wanted to pre-order my new iPad3 and was so indecisive.  Now after reading this article, I’m so happy I did it the day the new iPad was announced instead of waiting.  Yes, I’m a techy geek that likes to order the latest electronic on the day it launches.  Victory!

Lash Out – Color Me Rouge

Why we loved it:  I’m OBSESSED with long lashes so I’ll do anything to try and make mine look more dramatic (I’ve been known to rock the falsies every once in a while!).  I loved these simple tips to get more my lashes looking gorgeous!  Stay tuned for my Spotlight post on our Lashatone!

Happy 100th Birthday Oreo! Our Five Fave Ways to Eat You – StyleCaster

Why we loved it:  Last week was the Oreo cookie’s 100th birthday (it’s my favorite cookie, so I had to celebrate).  However, the best part about this article was that I discovered the first Oreo cookie was sold in Hoboken, New Jersey which is the Hydroxatone headquarters’ neighboring city (actually, our first offices were located there!).  I think they should change the sign entering the city to “Welcome to Hoboken: the birthplace of Sinatra, baseball and where the 1st Oreo was sold!”  Don’t you agree?

So tell us, what have you read this week?

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Dina Khiry is the social media supervisor at Hydroxatone. An aspiring makeup artist turned career girl, Dina studied public relations and journalism. She is a lover of all things makeup and beauty, and fantasizes about a cosmetics line one day bearing her name. In the meantime, she’s happy playing with Hydroxatone products – especially Hydroxatone Revitalizing Microdermabrasion because while it’s gentler than other facial scrubs, it still leaves her skin nice and smooth. Born and raised in Jersey City, Dina can tell you anything and everything there is to know about the city that holds the Hydroxatone headquarters. Ask her about the food trucks. See More Articles by Dina
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