Links We Love: Week of May 7, 2012

No matter how much time I spend on the couch over my weekend, I’m still overwhelmingly tired on Mondays. Why is that? I want to start my week off right!

At least I read some great articles.

What’s the b-b-big deal about BB cream? – Color Me Rouge

Why we love it: You might be aware that we are celebrating Anti-Aging BB Cream month here at Hydroxatone! This article does a great job explaining the basics of BB cream.

Ask the Doc: What is the difference between a moisturizer, primer and BB cream? – Color Me Rouge

Why we love it: The BB Cream month obsession continues! Dr. Jonathan Zeichner (whose ads I saw on the subway for probably two years) weighs in with some incredibly valuable information about the difference between moisturizer, primer and BB cream – and when to use each. Good stuff!

Daily Reflection: 5 Things I’ve Learned About Life and Style From My Grandmother – Fashion. Style. Beauty.

Why we love it: A gorgeous blog post with some of the best advice I have ever read. I wish I knew Kristin’s grandmother because she sounds like an incredible woman. Words to live by.

7 Beauty Products for Sunny Days – Breezy Mama

Why we love it: Our partners at Keranique and Miracle Skin Transformer both got mentions – so the author clearly knows her stuff!That nail clipper looks really cute too, although I am strangely attached to this unique nail clipper I got as part of a pedicure set when I was a child. I am 29. And I cannot bear to part with my special clipper. I don’t know the brand but I should probably be featured on some reality show featuring people who refuse to give up strange random possessions.

Keep your produce fresher, longer – Fit-a-licious

Why we love it: I printed this out and put it on my fridge – this is SO helpful! I never knew any of this (admittedly, I am not so into cooking, but I’m trying) and this is really valuable information. Did you know all these facts?

Product Review | Hydroxatone Intensive Youth Serum & Luminique Skin Brightener– KP Fusion

Why we love it: Our Luminique Facial Brightener helped Kimmie get more even-toned skin with less of a need for foundation. That’s what we like to hear! Oh yeah, and the fact that she will continue to buy our products. I can’t tell you how happy it makes me when people love our products.

Hydroxatone AM/PM Anti-Wrinkle Complex, Declatone Neck & Decollete’ Complex And A Giveaway TO WIN THEM! – Polarbelle

Why we love it: I really like how Polarbelle shows the texture and look of our products on her fingers. Really gives you a sense of how creamy and luxurious our anti-aging products really are. Plus, her review is lovely and she’s giving away two products!

 What are you reading?


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