Five Beauty Mistakes Even Smart Women Make

You’re a smart woman. You do your own taxes. You’ve been known to quote Shakespeare and Tennyson every now and again. You can teach your kids long division while standing on your head and doing Sudoku – with an ink pen! Too bad you are still clueless when it comes to matters of beauty.

Take note of these five beauty mistakes that even women with the highest IQs make.

  1. Sleeping in your makeup
    Yeah. We know after a long day of Excel sheets and conference calls or a late night of partying (we don’t judge) all you want to do is climb into your bed and bury yourself under you down comforter.
  2. Smoking
    You know better. We know you know better. And you know we know you know better. Enough said.
  3. Using colored towels and wash rags
    The dye from colored towels can irritate and damage the delicate facial skin. Use white dye- free towels whenever possible to prevent unnecessary damage.
  4. Too much sloughing
    Every skincare article ever written in this history of skincare articles tells you to exfoliate. Slough off that dead skin and your face will be softer than a newborn babies bum. But there is such a thing as exfoliating too much. Once a day is plenty. Anything more can cause damage to the skin’s surface. So, exercise caution when scrubbing.
  5. Not changing pillowcases
    You spend a significant amount of time cleansing, toning, exfoliating, moisturizing and all that jazz to keep blemishes at bay. Riddle me this. How often do you change you linens? Think about it. We’ll wait. Pillowcases should be replaced at least two to three times a week to help reduce the risk of blemishes. You don’t want the junk that transfers to your pillow during your sleep to transfer right back onto your face. Can we say “counterproductive?”

It’s OK. We place the “e” before the “I” every once in a while. So, we’ll ignore your beauty blunders — this time. Now that you know better, do better!


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Zakiyyah Walker is an associate on the Hydroxatone social media team. She is also a beauty advisor for y | b | a, and moonlights as a freelance beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger. The New Jersey native has been blogging about all things pretty for over a decade. She got her start in the beauty/ fashion world as a plus size model and moved on to work as a freelance stylist/ writer in New York City.  Her work has been seen in various web and print publications.  Her can’t-live-without product is Hydroxatone Intensive Youth Serum, which she uses as a both primer and a standalone product when she wants to go without foundation.  Zakiyyah loves working at Hydroxatone because it allows her to be right in the midst of new beauty and skincare developments (and support her shoe and false eye- lash addictions). See More Articles by Zakiyyah
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