Spotlight Thursday: Lashatone

If you read my Links We Love post this week then you know I mentioned that I’m OBSESSED with longer lashes.  That’s right.  Ever notice how much lashes bring out people’s eyes?  Something about them just gives eyes a sexier look and I’m all for that!  One product I looked forward to trying when I started working at this company was Lashatone and I’m glad I did.

What it does: Lashatone is designed to nourish your lashes from the base up, making them appear thicker, longer and more luxurious, naturally.  The formula that is non-irritating, dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested.

Who’s it for: Anyone looking for more dramatic looking eyelashes!  Wear contacts? Lashatone includes an advanced scientific formulation and is proven to be safe – even if you wear contacts. This is also a great product for people who don’t want to spend their money or take the risk on any prescription lash enhancing products.

What’s in it?:  Advanced peptides to make your lashes appear significantly longer and thicker in only a few weeks,  and moisturizing agents to nourish your lashes right at the base.

Why we love it: Lashatone saves me money, now that I don’t buy false lashes all the time! I’m also tired of testing and layering on different mascaras, so this has helped me avoid that.  I still wear my usual mascara but I can absolutely see a difference in my eyelashes since I started using Lashatone (and it only took a few weeks to start seeing results!).

Fun facts:  Lashatone’s proprietary formula means you won’t find anything similar in department stores and drugstores — except of course stores that sell Lashatone like ULTA and select Macy’s!

Want to win Lashatone, a $69.95 value? Simply leave a comment below telling me why you’d like to win!

I must receive all entries by Thursday, March 22 at 12:00 am and the odds of winning are determined by the number of entries received. No purchase necessary to enter.

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Dina Khiry is the social media supervisor at Hydroxatone. An aspiring makeup artist turned career girl, Dina studied public relations and journalism. She is a lover of all things makeup and beauty, and fantasizes about a cosmetics line one day bearing her name. In the meantime, she’s happy playing with Hydroxatone products – especially Hydroxatone Revitalizing Microdermabrasion because while it’s gentler than other facial scrubs, it still leaves her skin nice and smooth. Born and raised in Jersey City, Dina can tell you anything and everything there is to know about the city that holds the Hydroxatone headquarters. Ask her about the food trucks. See More Articles by Dina
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