Spotlight Thursday: Pore Minimizer Serum

Nothing ruins your confidence more than a face full of black heads and acne. You wanna know a secret? Bad skin is a result of clogged pores – shocked? I didn’t think so.  What you don’t know is what exactly will fix your problem though. This is where I recommend our own Pore Minimizer Serum. This gentle, lightweight formula helps minimize the appearance of pores which will leave your skin looking smoother and healthier.

What it does:  Hydroxatone Pore Minimizer Serum immediately reduces the appearance of pore size and promotes flawless looking skin. The multi-functional technology that went into this product delivers instant, visible results with long-term benefits.

Who’s it for:  Because this product is great for all skin types (even oily AND acne-prone skin!), we recommend it to anyone who wants to see a reduction in the look of their pores. And really, isn’t that everyone? If not – share your secrets!

What’s in it?:

  • Laricyl L S:  Immediately reduces visible pore size and enhances a smooth skin texture.
  • Triple A Complex: Marine botanical complex that helps reduce the signs of irritation and redness.
  • Azelaic Acid DisaPore Complex:  Reduces apparent pore size in four weeks.

Why we love it: We love it because it gives us an amazingly smooth face, which leaves us feeling – and looking– prettier than ever!  If your  now flawless–looking skin and newfound confidence doesn’t help you heat up date night, I don’t know what will!

Fun facts: Think you have too many visible pores? Like, as much as one person could possibly have? Think again! Like my mom always tells me, things could always be worse. Not convinced? Did you know that for every hair on your body there is a corresponding pore. And since there are millions of hairs on a human body, that means there are millionsof pores that could be showing. So think about how many good pores you have that don’t show! For those other pesky ones, this pore minimizing serum should take care of it!

Check out this article that I wrote for even more tips on how to get better pores!

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