Social Love of the Week: June 1, 2012

We’re starting to hear back from those of you who tried our Anti-Aging BB Cream and LOVE it (as we expected!). Did you know you can save $10 off the BB Cream with code BB10 through June 2 at midnight? Anyway, it looks like you all flocked to Facebook during the final week of BB Cream month to share the love.

Speaking of Facebook, this month you can enter to win our Sunsoak Gift Set, a $240 value! And now, to the social love we got this week:


Amanda S. B. said:

I won a bottle of Anti-Aging BB Cream (in tan) in one of the Win it Wednesday giveaways. I must say, this cream is amazing! It withstands my 2 hour morning workout with no problems and it covers up my imperfections flawlessly. I wore it to the river over Memorial day and it was every bit of SPF 40. I love this cream!!!

Andrea D. said:

Received my BB Cream from last week’s Facebook discussion – love it! My skin feels and looks great! Thanks again!

Kelly W. said:

I just wanted to thank you for all of the information, which has definitely helped me make a very informed decision to purchase your BB Cream over all others. The live chat was so helpful, I really do appriciate all of the time you take with your customers.

Kim W. said:

I’M LOVING your products!! Thanks Hydroxatone for making me beautiful!


I LOVE LOVE LOVE my AM/PM Anti-Wrinkle Complex! Been using for only 3 weeks and I already notice a drastic change in my appearance! My skin feels great! It makes my early 30s skin look like late 20s that fast! Thank you for your amazing life changing products! ♥ ♥

Gladys R. said:

Love the anti-aging cream

Krista D. said:

I got lucky enough to be able to order some Hydroxatone last year and have been very very happy with the product. Good stuff!! The best I’ve found out there… to help with the fact that I’m getting older..

Verna T. M. said:

[I was lucky] winning the Celtrixa Stretch Mark Lotion because Hydroxatone is the best!

Mary J. said:

Just turned 50 in may I just love AM/PM Anti-Wrinkle Complex.

Off to enjoy the weekend! I’ll be attending a Steve Winwood concert. What are you doing?

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Dori Gray is the voice behind the Hydroxatone Facebook and Twitter accounts.  As Hydroxatone’s social media manager, Dori hopes to share with anyone who will listen (and sometimes those who won’t) just how wonderful these skincare products are. Her favorite weekend activity is relaxing on the couch with the cooling, refreshing Hydroxatone Instant Lift Pads on her face. In her other life, Dori is a health & fitness blogger and a Twitter fanatic. Her writing has appeared on NBC New York and Blisstree. She is about to run her first (and only) New York City Marathon. Originally from Queens, Dori has lived in Manhattan for the last six years. She was pleasantly surprised that the commute to the Hydroxatone headquarters in Jersey City is really not bad at all. Really. See More Articles by Dori
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