Does It Matter What I Apply First?

If you are like many of us, you have a wealth of beauty products all over your bathroom sink, stacked in your cabinet, on your bedroom dresser and hanging out in a few drawers. Some of us even have creams and serums hiding under our beds and pray nightly that our significant others don’t see them and find out how much we are really spending (please say I’m not the only one.)

The temptation that we face when we have so many products is whether to slather everything on our face at one time. Your mind justifies this by saying that “this is to prevent wrinkles, this is for puffiness, this to even out my tone, this is to make my skin luminous” . . .  on and on and on.  So, you end up with all this gunk on your face that has been applied with no rhyme or reason.

There exists a hierarchy in skin care. Better yet, an order of operations (feels like 6th grade again.) In what order should skin care products be applied?

First cleanse and tone your face as usual. (I know that you already use a cleanser and toner, right? Right!)  Next you apply the “treatment.”   What is your main goal? If you are seeking concern is acne control, then your acne treatment should be the first product that you apply.  If you have an anti-aging serum in your regimen then that will be the first application.  You always want the treatment to be the closest to your skin so that it may penetrate more readily.

Now you will want to use any eye care that you have.  If you have a specialty product for dark circles, bags or crow’s feet, this is the time to crack it open. The skin around the eyes is the thinnest so the pores in this area easily get clogged with product.

Next, apply any product that is you using for spot treatment.  If you are using a cream for scaring, hyper -pigmentation or age spots, here is where you apply it.  Make sure that you do not rub this all over the face, just treat the affected areas.

Finally, apply your moisturizer.  Make sure you use a moisturizer that has a built in SPF. You want to avoid piling too much product onto your face at one time.  If you are missing SPF in your regimen, you will need to add this into your regimen for your own safety.   The moisturizer is the heaviest of the products and you want to make sure it’s applied last so all other products can penetrate the skin.  Applying thinner creams afterward would pretty much be futile because of the heft of most moisturizing creams and lotions.  If you are in need of anti- aging help, it is a good idea to get a moisturizer that doubles as an anti- aging cream.

So, now you know.  To get the most from your skin care routine, just employ this “order of operations.”   No one wants to invest good money in skin-care and not get the most out of it.

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Zakiyyah Walker is an associate on the Hydroxatone social media team. She is also a beauty advisor for y | b | a, and moonlights as a freelance beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger. The New Jersey native has been blogging about all things pretty for over a decade. She got her start in the beauty/ fashion world as a plus size model and moved on to work as a freelance stylist/ writer in New York City.  Her work has been seen in various web and print publications.  Her can’t-live-without product is Hydroxatone Intensive Youth Serum, which she uses as a both primer and a standalone product when she wants to go without foundation.  Zakiyyah loves working at Hydroxatone because it allows her to be right in the midst of new beauty and skincare developments (and support her shoe and false eye- lash addictions). See More Articles by Zakiyyah
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