Best Anti-Aging Supplements

If you’re getting older and thinking about anti-aging products, there are many supplements out there that claim to halt aging. Which ones are the best? Here are some that you should try.

  1. Coenzyme Q-10. It is also called CoQ10 and is an enzyme produced by the body. Low production of this enzyme has been linked with Parkinson’s disease, cancer and diabetes. It helps prevent blood clots, keeps your heart healthy and acts as an antioxidant. Enzymes in our body protect our cells from damage.
  2. Resveratrol. This is a polyphenol that is recommended for a longer life span. It has been shown to increase insulin sensitivity by decreasing glucose levels, which make it great for diabetics. It also helps balance a protein called sirtuin, which helps the longevity of your cells.
  3. Aspirin. A small daily dose of aspirin can help heart health and aids in the thinning of blood to reduce the risk of clotting. When you have better blood circulation, all of your organs can function better. Studies have also shown that aspirin reduces the risk for colon cancer.
  4. Carnitine. Carnitine is a nutrient that helps convert stored fat into energy. It also helps in treating angina or chest pain and can be helpful in reducing signs of Alzheimer’s disease. It has also been shown to treat depression, dementia and assist in fertility in men.
  5. Fish oil and omega-3 fatty acids. Fish oil is great for keeping the heart and brain healthy and is great for anti-aging. It has been shown to reduce the effects of glaucoma and macular degeneration too.
  6. GTF Chromium. GTF Chromium is a complex molecule of the mineral chromium. It helps make insulin more effective and controls blood sugar. It also helps keep your skin healthy and free from signs of aging.
  7. Hesperidin. This is a bioflavonoid that increases tightness in the skin and improves blood flow for a better complexion. It also reduces inflammation in veins which aids in heart health.
  8. Idebenone. This is an antioxidant that repairs skin damage caused by aging.
  9. Imedeen. This supplement contains a protein that comes from deep sea fish and helps increase production of collagen and elastin. This keeps the skin tight and firm and looking younger. It also keeps your skin moisturized.
  10. Heliocare. This supplement comes from the fern extract that protects skin from the effects of the sun and aging. It helps reduce and prolong appearance of wrinkles and pigmentation in the skin.

Have you ever used any of these supplements? Any from this list you are now going to try? Share with us!

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