Links We Love: Week of January 23, 2012

This is a great week for reading if I do say so myself. Check out what we’re loving below and leave a comment to share your favorites!

CND Implementing Shellac Salon Certification – A Girl’s Gotta Spa

Why we loved it: No one lazier than me when it comes to their nails. I could show you a picture but I want you all to like me. So when I first learned about Shellac (girl walks into nail salon, says “Do you do Shellac?”, Dori goes home and researches) I knew I had to give it a try. I learned that some salons do a fake version of Shellac or perform the process incorrectly, so I went to the CND website, found their list of salons by area, and went to one close to my apartment. That was 12 weeks ago and I am about to get my fourth Shellac manicure. My nails always look perfect and I don’t know how I ever lived without it. And no, my real nails are not weakened and for the first time in my life I always have nice nails! I’m really glad CND is implementing this salon certification so you can be sure you are going to a salon who is doing this incredible service right.

Seven Foods You Should Never Eat – itsPALEO

Why we loved it: I read lots of articles about food, but I really love the format of this one: “The farmer won’t eat _____; The toxicologist won’t eat ____.” A really fascinating way to look at what we are putting in our bodies.

I Accept That I Am Now a Size 10 – One Woman’s Style Evolution

Why we loved it: Body acceptance can be hard, and I felt so happy for Natasha when I read this post about how after spending time in denial,  she came to accept her clothing size. She quotes  Grit & Glamour with these excellent words of wisdom: “Accepting yourself doesn’t mean you have to love the way you look—it just means that you aren’t beating yourself up about it. But if you don’t like how you look and feel right now, realize that it’s not going to change unless YOU change.”

Hot Curler How-To – The Fitnessista

Why we loved it: I saw this a few months ago and I must confess I haven’t tried it yet. I always forget to actually buy the hot rollers — although I might just click the link in the article right now and do it — OK done! (Hey, boyfriend, a package will be arriving at your apartment in two days). Anyway, Gina does a great job in this video showing just how easy it is to make your hair look like you just got a blowout by using hot rollers. If it didn’t seem extremely easy, I wouldn’t have bought them. So there’s your proof.

Have you ever tried Shellac? How about hot curlers? Share!


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