Links We Love: Week of January 9, 2012

Just like people, blogs take holiday vacations too! But Skintone is back and ready for 2012. We’ve got lots of goals this year and would also love to learn yours — but that is a post for another time. Today, we do Links We Love. Let’s begin:

Welcoming a Newcomer to @tartecosmetics – Hey Do You

Why we loved it: As a huge fan of Tarte’s ReCreate foundation, I’m about to run out right now to try their new 12-hour full-coverage foundation made out of Amazonian clay. They say it reduces the appearance of pores while minimizing discolorations and imperfections to ensure a perfectly flawless complexion. The line that got me? “Like airbrushed foundation without the air!” Must. Try. ASAP.

Prize Primers – fab fit fun

Why we loved it: Because we love primer! Want your makeup to look flawless and last all day . . . and all night? Then go for a primer. We like all the items on this list, but we especially love to use our own partner company Miracle Skin Transformer SPF 20 as our go-to primer — whether or not we even put any makeup over it.

Beauty Confessions $4: What Fuels Your Beauty Purchases? – Beauty Reflections

Why we loved it: Tracy asks an interesting question — what fuels your makeup purchases? Mine are generally inspired by what shiny item calls out to me at Sephora, but I also take my friends’ advice very seriously. How about you?

A Review & Giveaway – Hydroxatone – Crazy, Beautiful Makeup

Why we loved it: Because it is a glowing review of our products. I mean, why wouldn’t we love it! Enter to win $290 worth of Hydroxatone there. And also here: Review and Giveaway | Hydroxatone

Meet Interior Designer Robin Sillau – Decor8

Why we loved it: This is a really old post, and the subject has since tragically passed away. But reading about the transformation of Robin’s 8′ x 6′ x 8′ bedroom into a loft is nothing short of incredible and inspirational. I wish I had the talents to do something like this to my own tiny Manhattan apartment and make the most out of my space while still looking beautiful, clean and organized. Such talent!

What are you reading this week?

[Image from Beauty Reflections]

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