Stop Making These Daytime Makeup Blunders

Everyone has their own daytime makeup routine. But are you making a tragic makeup mistake daily? Sometimes we over-do it with our makeup or look ridiculous without even realizing it and the people around us are too nice to say anything. So let me be your harsh critic and tell you to avoid these makeup mistakes in the daytime now:

  1. Avoid heavy eyeliner in the daytime. A thin line of brown eyeliner is great for work, but heavy, thick lines of black can be too harsh. Save the dramatic look for the bar after work and on the weekends.
  2. Avoid dark eyeshadow. This goes with the eyeliner advice. Save the smoky eye for the evening.
  3. Avoid very dark lipstick. Stick to lighter and brighter colors during the day. Light pinks and nudes are your best bet for a great daytime, work appropriate look. Save the dark red for seducing that special someone in the nighttime.
  4. Don’t contour too much. Contouring has its perks, but during the day, too much can be very harsh looking and you can look like you’re wearing way too much makeup. Stick to concealer, foundation or powder and a little blush and/or bronzer for a more natural look. Think natural glow instead of the super chiseled look.
  5. Avoid dark mascara. Daytime looks are perfectly suited by clear or brown mascaras because you can apply many coats and it will never look too heavy. If you do love your blackest black mascara, keep it to three coats.
  6. Ditch the super bold eyebrows. Instead, use eyeshadow to fill in your brows if they are a little sparse. Painting and filling them can be harsh looking. Remember, you want to look as natural as possible during the day and at work.
  7. Lastly, this is something to remember: don’t forget the SPF! The sun is shining, and even if it isn’t, you can still get damage from the sun to your skin. So remember to use a foundation or moisturizer with SPF every day to shield your skin from damaging rays from the sun.

Do you have certain rules for your makeup routine for daytime versus nighttime? Do you think these rules are really necessary and do you agree or disagree with this list? Share with us your thoughts and your favorite daytime looks and products!

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