What the Hydroxatone Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign Meant to Me

In case you didn’t already know, for the month of October, Hydroxatone donated $1 for every “Like” we received at our newly launched Facebook page to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. The promotion was a hit and it was heartwarming to see that money donated to a very important cause.

For the past few years, October has been a very significant month for me because it reminds me of my personal experience with breast cancer. My aunt was diagnosed with the disease in 2005 and it was definitely a learning experience for my family.

My aunt found the lump on her breast randomly one day and thought it wasn’t something to worry about. She called the doctor anyway just to be safe; it ended up being cancerous and she had to have it removed. She went through months of chemotherapy and each round did not get easier.

Dina and her aunt

I think the hardest part for my family was that my cousin was only about six years old, so he was too young to understand exactly what was happening. I remember him looking on very confused the day we shaved his mother’s hair off her head. We tried to make light of the situation and joke about what was going on to hide how upset we actually were. My aunt kept her spirits up, joking: “I hope this time my hair grows in straight,” since all the females in my family have been cursed (straight-haired people will say blessed) with unmanageable curly hair.

I’m happy to say that my aunt has been cancer-free for nearly five years now and is healthier than ever. Although her hair did not grow in straight (actually, it was curlier!), she’s excited it’s grown past her ears. She actually rewards herself by getting the Keratin straightening treatment every few months.

I can speak for the entire Hydroxatone team when I say thank you to our CEOs for allowing us to do this wonderful Facebook campaign. I know the money donated is just a small step in raising breast cancer awareness, but it meant so much to me and I’m sure to many others who have been affected by breast cancer.


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Dina Khiry is the social media supervisor at Hydroxatone. An aspiring makeup artist turned career girl, Dina studied public relations and journalism. She is a lover of all things makeup and beauty, and fantasizes about a cosmetics line one day bearing her name. In the meantime, she’s happy playing with Hydroxatone products – especially Hydroxatone Revitalizing Microdermabrasion because while it’s gentler than other facial scrubs, it still leaves her skin nice and smooth. Born and raised in Jersey City, Dina can tell you anything and everything there is to know about the city that holds the Hydroxatone headquarters. Ask her about the food trucks. See More Articles by Dina
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