Links We Love: Week of February 13, 2012

Today’s Links We Love are a little, how shall I say, self loving. Right in time for Valentine’s Day! I guess you could say we are our own Valentine.

The reason for the love is that our partners at Your Beauty Advisor re-launched their website into something phenomenal: the new and improved Your Beauty Advisor!

If you’re anything like us, you’re overwhelmed by advertisements, emails and commercials on the hot new beauty finds. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a friend to help you weed through all the choices?

With four unique websites covering skin, hair, makeup and wellness, our partners at yba provide information that helps you be the best you, reach your highest potential, look good and feel amazing. We’re big fans – and hope you will be, too.

Favorite article this week: Winter cuticle rescue 101

Why we loved it: Because it’s winter and our cuticles need help – duh! Seriously though, my cuticles are always in rough shape — cracked, bleeding, gross — and I never knew how to deal with it before. Check out these tips to learn what helped me!

Favorite article this week: How to make a messy bun

Why we loved it: I am the laziest person ever when it comes to getting ready. Even though I am a morning person, I just don’t care enough about my appearance to wake up earlier than I have to. Terrible considering my profession, I know! Anyway, the messy bun is a favorite hairstyle of mine for days my hair doesn’t cooperate. It never fails!

Favorite article this week: You’re positively glowing!

Why we loved it: We love a good glow here — after all, we sell Hydroxatone Revitalizing Microdermabrasion and Sunsoak Age-Defying Self Tanner to help you all achieve just that! And this article offers some easy, fun tips on giving your skin that refreshing glow we want. At least, I know I do!

Favorite article this week: This Valentine’s Day, serve him veggies!

Why we loved it: These tips apply to more than just Valentine’s Day — learn helpful, informative and delicious ways to get more vegetables into the diet of the ones you love, as well as your own!

What do you think of the new yba websites? And what is the best thing you’ve read this week?


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