Links We Love: Week of January 30, 2012

I might be in Seattle today (or on the plane ride back to New York City) but I’m still reading the internets! Here’s what I’m loving this week:

How to Moisturize Your Lips in the Winter – BeautyHigh

Why we loved it: Winter is not my friend. I’m always much colder than everyone else (painfully so), my nose bleeds during the night, I find most warm clothes restricting, suffocating and itchy, and the biggest nuisance? My already dry lips are completely out of control. I came across these tips and I haven’t tried them yet, but perhaps I will. Or maybe you can just try it and let me know if it works.

5 Ways To Get Your Best Beauty Sleep! – Refinery29

Why we loved it: I have insomnia. I have it so bad that I actually went to a sleep doctor last year. Unfortunately, her advice was not plausible in an apartment my size (reserve the bed for sleep and, um, intimate times only) and that was that. This article has some really great tips — some that my doctor and others have  recommended, some I haven’t heard before — and I’m excited to try them out!

Bethenny Frankel’s Talk Show Gets Summer Trial – HuffpostTV

Why we loved it:  Does anyone else really like Bethenny? The only Real Housewives I ever watched was NYC, and I loved Bethenny’s humor and frankness. I wish I was that quick-witted. I’m also a sucker for the SkinnyGirl line of cocktails. Anyway, this news made me happy. I want Bethenny to succeed and I want to hear more of her funny lines. Although I guess she will have to be a little more subdued for network TV.

Shameless Self-Promotion Section:

Review & Giveaway! Hydroxatone Skincare Products –  My Highest Self

Why we loved it: Among all the praise our products got from Tina, it was this section that made my heart all fuzzy and warm:

It was the week after using the Revitalizing Microdermabrasion that I really fell in love with my skin. I’m thinking, “hey, this Hydroxatone stuff really works!”. I enjoy the smoother look and feel of my skin and I no longer have the red patches that typically show up on my cheeks in the winter. I don’t have dry or itchy patches near my jawline and I’ve even noticed some fine lines fade into the background.

Hydroxatone Giveaway! – Melissa Nibbles

Why we loved it: Melissa Nibbles is a tough critic. She has an entire blog feature called “Stuff I’ve Bought That I Hate.” I sent her our products hoping that we wouldn’t make that list — and not does Melissa Nibbles NOT hate us, it turns out she really likes Hydroxatone products! She tried out our eye-care products: Liftalyze, Instant Lift Pads and Hydrolyze to some pretty great results. Although I guess I’m not really that surprised. Our products really are wonderful!

Hydroxatone Review – Beautasia @ Hollywood Beautiful

Why we loved it: Want to learn the science behind what makes Hydroxatone AM/PM Anti-Wrinkle Complex work so well? Beautasia loved her results from AM/PM and wrote an incredibly informative, easy-to-understand post all about our active ingredients and why they produce such great results!

Reading anything good? Overcame insomnia? Love our products? Share!


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