Links We Love: Week of February 6, 2012

Did you watch the Superbowl last night?

For the first time in my life, I watched it. I mean, truly watched it. Paid attention the entire time.

My boyfriend is from Boston, works in sports and has the biggest man-crushes I have ever seen from a straight man on Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. I wanted the Patriots to win so much for his sake — to see him happy and to celebrate together. At the same time, my father (who died when I was five) was a huge Giants fan (we are from New York), and one of my most vivid memories of my father is watching the Giants with him in our living room, and him pointing out “Phill Simms #11.” That stuck with me my entire life. And I know how much he would have loved their win last night.

Who ever would have thought this girly-girl would ever actually care about a football game? Anyway, enough about sports — here are the links we’re loving this week!

Are You Wearing Red Today? Here’s Why You Should – The Gloss

Why we loved it: National Wear Red Day passed, but Heart Month is all month long! This article does a superb job describing the prevalence of heart disease among women.

Want to help? We are donating $1 for every new Facebook ‘Like’ this month to the American Heart Assocation – supporting awareness, research, education and community programs to benefit women. Already Like us? Please tell your friends and share with others. Help us fight the disease that is the #1 killer of women.

When It’s Time To Say Goodbye to your Favorite Beauty Products – Beauty High

Why we loved it: I have this irrational fear of wasting things. This means I “hoard” my beauty products. What I mean by this is that I try to make my makeup and lotions stretch out for a long amount of time, and keep using them far too long after it’s acceptable. Terrible habit. This slideshow does an excellent job of explaining when it is time to toss each type of product — and why it is necessary!

Hydroxatone Review and Giveaway – Be Flossy

Why we loved it: Be Flossy tried our Hydroxatone AM/PM Anti-Wrinkle Complex and Intensive Youth Serum. She LOVED them! “It left my skin feeling extremely hydrated, removed hyper pigmentation from old acne marks and left my skin looking radiant.” Read her fantastic review and enter for a chance to win these products for yourself!

Did you watch the Superbowl? Do you hoard your makeup like I do? Share!

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